Trustkernel Wins 2019 Gaogong Smart Car Golden Globe Award

On December 19-21, 2019, the “2019 (3rd) GaoGong Intelligent Vehicle Annual Conference” was held in Shanghai. More than 500 companies and thousands of guests attended the event.Trustkernel was awarded the “2019 GaoGong Smart Car Golden Globe Award - Connected Security Solution Provider”.

As the only domestic selection event focusing on the annual technological innovation, product innovation and brand innovation of the intelligent networked industry chain, the “Gaogong Smart Car Annual Golden Globe Award” is dedicated to promoting the localization and localization of China’s intelligent networked car industry “competition”. After many rounds of voting by the public, industry judges and experts, TrustKernel finally stood out, representing the industry’s recognition of TrustKernel’s Telematics security products and solutions by industry reputation.


Standing at the starting point of the new decade of intelligent networked vehicles, this year’s GaoGong Intelligent Vehicle Annual Conference held several industry forums related to intelligent vehicle connection, autonomous driving, intelligent cockpit and data security with the theme of “Organic in Danger, Victory in Change”. As new technologies are gradually becoming commercialized, the issue of intelligent vehicle integration security is also becoming more and more important. Founder and CEO of TrustKernel, Wenhao Li, was invited to share TrustKernel’s unique experience and insights in the field of Telematics security with the theme of “TrustKernel Automotive Information Security Protection System”.

Based on many cutting-edge technologies and massive experience in device protection, combined with typical smart connected car security incidents in recent years, TrustKernel analyzes various types of attack threats faced by smart cars and establishes a secure interconnection of “human-car-mobile-cloud”, by providing end-to-end secure communication and authentication, and building By providing end-to-end security communication and authentication, and building a multi-layer defense system covering the car access layer, the car network layer and the car system layer, the vehicle is managed for the whole life cycle security, realizing an integrated system protection solution combining software and hardware. At present, TrustKernel has reached cooperation with many well-known domestic automobile manufacturers to provide Telematics security solutions and products, and jointly build an automotive information security protection system under the new trend.


TrustKernel is a global leader in smart device security products and solutions, committed to building a secure and trusted smart device information system. Based on the security management principle of “iterable and visualization” and the security design principle of “trustworthy and isolation”, TrustKernel provides TEE (Trusted Execution Environment), digital keys (Bluetooth, NFC), in-vehicle operating systems (TBOX, IVI), in-vehicle security monitoring and protection system IDPS, etc. for smart connected vehicles in the automotive field. TrustKernel provides TEE (Trusted Execution Environment), digital key (Bluetooth, NFC), in-vehicle operating system (TBOX, IVI), in-vehicle security monitoring and protection system IDPS and other Telematics information security solutions to establish a multi-level defense system including vehicle access layer, in-vehicle network layer and in-vehicle system layer, and provide full lifecycle security management capability for smart connected cars. Bottle bowl will always be committed to building a secure and credible information system for intelligent networked vehicles, helping to promote the rapid development of the Telematics-related industries.