TrustKernel was invited to participate in the RISC-V automotive application seminar, providing solutions to the fragmentation of in-vehicle chip security capabilities.

Towards Safety: Andes RISC-V for Automotive Applications」 is a conference organized by Andes Technologies. The goal of this conference is to discuss how to use high-performance and low-power RISC-V processor core designs to comply with automotive industry specifications to ensure the safety and reliability of automobiles. The conference provided a platform for exchanging ideas and learning, sharing the latest technologies and experiences, promoting cooperation and development of the smart car industry, and facilitating technological innovation and the development of industry specifications. The seminar invited Cheng Xia, Sales Director of TrustKernel Information Technology, to speak on stage.

Vehicle Chip Development Adaptation Issues

In the meeting, Cheng Xia, Sales Director of TrustKernel Information Technology, mentioned the problem of fragmentation of car chip security capabilities

  1. Chip security features are uneven, repeated development and adaptation of the workload and high cost:
    1. There are large differences in the programs of different suppliers.
    2. In-vehicle security application scenarios are relatively stable, and the demand for underlying security is relatively stable.
  2. Vehicle manufacturers are relatively weak in controlling the overall security:
    1. Vehicle manufacturers rely on tier-1 suppliers for development and testing, and their ability to control the overall security is relatively weak.

The underlying security framework of the TrustKernel

In response to the fragmentation of in-vehicle chip security capabilities, TrustKernel’s solution is to build a basic security framework, which takes hardware isolation as the core and is realized based on TEE (Trusted Execution Environment), HSM (Hardware Security Module) and SE (Security Element). The south direction adapts different TEE, HSM, SE, and chip platforms, while the north direction provides a common abstraction of security capabilities (e.g., storage, computation, encryption, authentication, etc.).

  • Reduces cost: reduces security development effort per project by standardizing commonly used security functions
  • Enhance security controllability: suppliers only need to solve the underlying adaptation and testing issues, and car manufacturers can better control the overall capability of information security.
  • Rapid customization: vehicle manufacturers can quickly implement and validate innovative application security solutions.

Security has always been one of the key areas of focus for TrustKernel.Andes RISC-V processor in the vehicle industry has a series of significant advantages such as openness, security, low power consumption, high performance, and multi-core processing in automotive specification applications. This makes it ideal for meeting the stringent standards and ever-changing needs of the automotive industry, providing a powerful computing and communications foundation for the intelligent vehicles of the future.

TrustKernel will continue to dedicate itself to the research and application of safety-related technologies, to continuously improve its own technical level and to promote the development of the industry. We believe that in the near future, we will be able to witness the introduction of more safety-related products and technologies based on Andes RISC-V processor, which will protect the development of the vehicle industry and the safety of people’s traveling.