TrustKernel was invited to participate in the RISC-V Symposium and give a keynote speech to share its experience and insights in the RISC-V field.

On April 9, 2024, Andes Technology hosted a RISC-V keynote seminar. The seminar featured presentations and live demonstrations by TrustKernel and many other RISC-V ecosystem partners. The event covered RISC-V market dynamics, trends and the introduction of the latest product portfolios. Participants discussed how to leverage the high performance, low power, and high customizability of the RISC-V architecture to enhance product competitiveness and open up a future full of opportunities.

As a senior practitioner in the RISC-V field, TrustKernel has been working hard in the field for many years and has accumulated rich technical experience. We provide full-stack chip security isolation technology and products, including hardware security IP, hardware security module HSM and security chip SE, Trusted Execution Environment TEE, hardware virtualization Hypervisor, etc., to meet the security requirements of different business scenarios. This enables us to provide customers with high-quality RISC-V chip security solutions to meet the needs of various industries. Our security products have truly realized ten years of mass production, one billion deployments, zero rework and zero security incidents.

Penglai TEE technology is an important technical achievement jointly released by IPADS Lab of Shanghai Jiao Tong University and TrustKernel. The technology supports the scalability of Trusted Isolated Environment (TEE) by extending the existing RISC-V hardware primitives to support the scalability of Trusted Isolated Environment (TIA) in a hardware and software synergy way, which provides a strong security guarantee for smart devices. Penglai TEE technology is able to run different functional modules in different Enclaves and transfer information through predefined and normalized security interfaces. This makes the attack surface of a single Enclave App much lower than the original intelligent system, and improves the overall security of the system and equipment.

Through Penglai technology, TrustKernel not only provides hardware-level security for chip and device vendors, but also provides application vendors with flexible access to hardware security, protecting business security in an all-round way. This all-round protection program from the underlying system platform to the upper application business has significant technical advantages and market competitiveness.

TrustKernel is a leading global provider of smart device security products and solutions, dedicated to building a secure and trusted smart device information system. Currently, our customer base covers a wide range of cell phones, tablets, automobiles, IoT, etc. TrustKernel and Andes Technology have been working together since 2020, and currently security products such as Penglai TEE fully support Andes’ IP and chips.