TrustKernel was Invited to Demo Day Held by ARM Accelerator

Demo Day was successfully held by ARM Accelerator in Shenzhen on December 13, 2016. As one of the members of the second ARM Accelerator Camp, TrustKernel took part in this activity with our product “TEE solution”. During the show, TEE caught the attention of investors, media and partners from industry chain.

ARM Accelerator Camp provided technology start-ups related to ARM ecological resources with the docking of technology, industrial resources and capitals. After a series of selections, TrustKernel was chosen to join the second ARM Accelerator Camp and got the opportunities to promote our products, attend industry salon and finance.

Hundreds of participants showed great interest in TEE after seeing we demo it. At the end of the show, medals were awarded to all the teams.

TrustKernel aims at providing smart device manufacturers and application developers with security solutions based on trusted execution environment (TEE) which can run simultaneously together with other operating system like Android. TEE can provide systems and applications with chip level’s isolation by using the underlying chip security technology. As our star product, TEE appeals to lots of people. TEE in conformity with the GP TEE standard can support different kind of mobile devices, PCs and IoT devices.