TrustKernel Announces the Availability of Secure OS and TEE Solutions Based on ARM TrustZone

Trustkernel publicly announces T6, a systematic security solution based on ARM TrustZone Technology, which is compatible with most of the mainstream ARM platforms on the market. T6 guarantees both security and functionality in one device. T6 is an operating system for TrustZone based Trusted Execution Environment(TEE) in mobile and embedded systems. T6 targets at mobile devices using ARM hardware security extension: TrustZone, which supports legacy operating systems(Android, Linux, etc.) to run simultaneously and provides a strong security property for the legacy operating systems and aims to provide an easy-to-use product-quality trusted computing platform for mobile device providers.

T6 has been certified by security authorities and has been deployed into many mobile and embedded devices since 2014.

T6 Poster

Features of T6 includes:

Comprehensive Chain Of Trust

  • By implementing secure boot, T6 ensures systems could not be tampered with. Besides, T6 supports loading third-parties trusted applications dynamically with signature checks, which could greatly reduce the attack surface of the system.

Secure Isolation, Achieve a Mutual-Distrust

  • Strong isolation among different trusted applications, untrusted and trusted applications as well as trusted applications and the kernel could be guaranteed, while allowing them to run simultaneously.

Rich User Mode Libraries Support For Trusted Applications

  • T6 provides rich series of user-land libraries such as crypto, libC, openSSL, secure GUI, so that developers could focus on the implementation of their business specific application logic.

Compatible with Global Platform API

  • T6 supports Global Platform TEE API, so that legacy trusted applications could run directly atop of T6 without any modification.

Compatible with most of existing commodity Oses

  • T6 doesn’t rely on any platform specific services provided by the OS running in the normal world and compatible with systems like Android, Ubuntu and common RTOS without any modifications.

With T6, customers could provide high assurance system and applications including secure mobile payment, Digital Rights Management, Kernel Rootkit Detection and Prevention, Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) Solutions to end users.

For more information, welcome to contact TrustKernel Team.