Trusted execution environment product family

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Related Background

Android platform, as an open software platform, is increasingly being attacked by malware, such as theft of sensitive user data, misuse of digital rights, and major security risks of mobile payment. Therefore, there is a need to introduce a trusted execution environment in Android platform for DRM (Digital Rights Management), mobile payment and sensitive data protection.

Core Products

T6 Architecture

Trusted Execution Environment Kernel: T6

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PengLai Enclave: Scalable TEE system for RISC-V

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Industry-leading TEE technology

Standardized API and Application Management

Supports Global Platform TEE API.

Can run on all device platforms.

Trusted applications can be installed dynamically after the device leaves the factory.

Advanced protection mechanisms

The numerous internal security designs of T6 have been recognized by experts in the academic circles.

Providing full life cycle security protection for applications and data.

Use hardware-grade security technology

T6 runs in the isolated environment of ARM TrustZone, Intel SGX and other secure environment.

Can defend against kernel-level attacks.

Industry-leading diversified security functions

Supports TUI, fingerprint, face ,iris and other biometric security identification.

As well as the interaction with security chip eSE.

Dynamically scalable secure memory configuration.

Cross-platforms support to build a trusted application ecosystem

Supports a variety of hardware platforms.

Including mobile devices, PC, server and IoT devices.

Withstand extensive deployment of product verification

Our product has uniquely maintained the record of zero repair and zero security accidents in the mass production of over 100 models of dozens of vendors.