TUI - Trusted UI for TEE

T-UI: TrustZone based Trusted GUI

T-UI provides a trusted path between the user and an application. Defend against attacks including key logger, screen capturing, physhing, etc. Friendly to users and has no dependence on the security of normal world (e.g., the Android).

Users enter many secrets to mobile devices, the password, PIN code, credit card number, emails, SMS, etc. These secrets may get leaked through a compromised OS, a malicious IME (Input Method Editor), or tens of other attacks. T-UI enables a secure path for user to enter secret direct to some applications or even remote websites, without be intercepted in the middle.

T-UI also makes the user know whether they are in secure environment or not, to prevent phishing attacks (e.g., a malicious OS may fakes a similar UI and trick the user to input their secrets). T-UI has a user-friendly interface that is familiar to most users and easy to use. It also provides a SDK for developpers to build other trustlets. Our products, T-FIDO and T-PIN, are based on T-UI.