Smart Device Security

Chip level security protects device security

Pain points

Easy to crack

Commonly used smart device security management software is not very secure and can be easily cracked or removed

Low flexibility

Inability to limit the single function of the device and less flexibility

Poor compatibility

Devices cannot be managed uniformly on different platforms


Solution Architecture Diagram

Solution deployment/introduction

  1. The solution consists of a cloud management platform, a device security component and a client application server. The cloud management platform provides an API for the application server to call to control the device, and the user can also restrict the use of the device through the interface operation of the cloud management platform.

  2. The cloud management platform switches the life state of the device by sending relevant instructions to the device, and the device in different life states is managed differently by the device.

  3. The device requests to synchronize the cloud status to the cloud, and at the same time, the device will also send its own information and status to the cloud.

  4. The cloud-based management platform sets customized policies for the device and can modify the device's App usage rights, access to peripherals, call and network permissions, etc. Based on the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) security protection mechanism on the device side, the solution is difficult to bypass or remove.

Application Scenarios


Supply Chain Equipment Asset Protection


Equipment Rental


Equipment Finance Installments


Supply Chain Equipment Asset Protection


Integrate DAccess into the device during the production phase of the device, and reduce the financial risk by making the device unusable in case of theft of the device.

Equipment Rental

Equipment leasing equipment leasing scenario, the installation of DAccess for equipment management, after each payment cycle, remind the user to repay, if the user does not repay on time, through remote lock machine, to reduce the risk of resale of equipment, while the control of equipment App and function, forcing users to repay, to reduce financial risk.


Installment payments


DAccess' remote lock function allows lost or stolen devices to be locked in a timely manner, effectively reducing the risk of operator device loss, while DAccess also provides a SIM card-based Lock function to realize one card per device, which prevents theft of devices while stabilizing the user base, indirectly expanding the operator's market and increasing revenue.