Digital Rights Management

A recent finding by the IAB, identified during a global research project in June 2015, showed that 36% of smartphone users watched long form videos, and this is set to increase year on year. Mobile devices have not only become the main communication device for most people, but are also one of the primary screens for consuming video content. Film creators and video producers are keen to protect such valuable assets, and, in conjunction with the increased availability of 1080p and 4k resolution screens in mobile devices, there is a growing requirement to protect premium content on connected devices. Content providers not only want to protect their content, but also to ensure that the content can be enjoyed in more ways. Opening up early access to blockbuster films on mobile devices can be a key differentiator, but it requires much improved secure content protection. One of the most secure way of providing this secure content path is through a solution based on a hardware root of trust. The Trustonic Secured Platform, incorporating Trustonic TEE, enables trusted apps to be written. These provide improved authentication for both the user and the device itself. With a more secure content path, enabled through improved hardware security, this opens up the opportunity to offer new and highly secure services providing flexible download schemes and link protected DTCP/HDCP.