TEE Digital Rights Security Program

Widevine L1 Copyright Security Management

What is DRM

Over time, the viewing of video content has shifted from traditional TVs to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. We can now watch movies and TV shows on public transportation, in outdoor parks, and even in bed. Digital Rights Management (DRM) is a key digital content protection technology.It is used by many vendors to protect digital rights,such as Google Widevine. when a client needs to play an encrypted movie, Widevine requests a "license" from the DRM license server by providing the key ID of the movie. The license server generates a license based on the key ID and sends it to the client for decryption and playback.

Widevine's three levels of security


L1 is the highest security level and provides hardware level decryption. Decryption, decoding, and rendering are done in the TEE


At the L2 level, only media decryption is performed in the TEE, and the decrypted video is delivered to the application for decoding and rendering.


L3 level is the least secure, encryption takes place in software-CDM, content providers may restrict HD video playback

TrustKernel TEE DRM Security Program

TrustKernel TEE DRM supports Widevine L1 DRM and multiple chip platforms, which can be used for a variety of different digital media platforms, including eBooks, music, movies, video games, etc., which is beneficial for content providers to deliver content on different devices and platforms to increase audience and market reach. By controlling access and usage rights, content providers can implement payment models such as rentals, subscriptions, etc., helping providers to sell digital content in a more secure way and increase revenue. TrustKernel TEE DRM also effectively prevents unauthorized copying and distribution of digital content, reducing the likelihood of illegal distribution of digital content. This helps protect the interests of content creators and reduces the negative impact of piracy on sales.

Application Examples

The TrustKernel TEE DRM solution can quickly help your phones, tablets, and other mobile devices implement Widevine L1 DRM support to meet Netflix's security requirements. On Android devices, Netflix determines the highest playable picture quality by whether the device is GMS certified and supports Widevine levels. If your mobile device does not support Widevine L1 DRM encryption, it may not be able to watch Netflix, Hulu, and other HD content properly. The demo video to the right, shows how TrustKernel's TEE DRM solution helps customers quickly meet Netflix's security requirements to provide the best audiovisual experience.

Core Advantages

High security

TEE provides hardware-level security and supports Widevine L1 authentication

Multi-platform support

Support mobile devices, smart TVs, PCs and other platforms

Diversity of business models

Allow providers to implement multiple business models

Ultimate Experience

Fast decryption and smooth playback

Private data

TEE protects users' private data

Legal Compliance

Effective handling of sensitive and restricted content