Universal Trusted Authentication System

Financial grade security authentication and authorization

Related Background

Authentication is commonly found in the interaction process between client and server side. Traditional identity authentication is usually through username password, one-time password OTP, SMS verification code, etc., but this information is relatively easy to be stolen or tampered with, causing unnecessary losses. Enterprises or applications with higher security usually add additional hardware to guarantee that the user's identity is legitimate and valid, such as U-shield, Bluetooth shield, etc. Although relatively secure, it raises the cost and greatly reduces convenience. In addition, application developers are often unable to achieve a secure and unified authentication process across devices of different platforms from different vendors



About 77% of smart devices worldwide have biometric recognition function, but there are many problems with smart devices that use biometric recognition at present. There are many cell phone brands and models, and it is too difficult to adapt and integrate them. Relying on with system authentication results, identity authentication is easily bypassed and forged. In this regard, we provide a set of general mobile device biometric identification methods, in the context of the existing technical environment can provide application vendors with credible identity authentication capability, which is widely used in government, finance, e-commerce, mobile office and other fields.

Trustkernel is a general-purpose trusted authentication system for application vendors. Built in TEE environment, the core authentication process and core data are run in TEE. It realizes the authentication capability for different services and different identity information, and also has chip hardware-level security protection capability. Compatible with different platforms and versions such as Android and ios, and supports unified authentication. It is a good solution to the contradiction of the market demand for identity authentication in terms of security, cost and convenience.

Application Scenarios


User Login

Support users to log in their accounts by biometric information, users don't have to worry about forgetting their passwords


Transaction Payment

Support users to pay by biometric information, users can get the ultimate experience


Access Authorization

Support developers to authorize applications through different identities

Core Features

High security

Adopt chip-level protection technology TEE.

Compliant with multiple financial and information security standards.

High versatility

Compatible with different platforms and versions such as Android and IOS.

Support two-way authentication and multiple authentication methods.

Lower cost

No additional hardware support required

Easy to use

Combine biometric, password and other authentication methods

Easy access and simple authentication

Ultimate Experience

Simple process and rapid certification process