KEY++ Digital keys for cars

Car "keyless revolution", sharing travel

Related Background

The function of using mobile terminal, smart wear, and smart card device as car key is one of the popular technologies that have emerged in recent years, and the function is also called digital car key. Unlike traditional car keys, digital car keys do not require additional physical car keys and only integrate car key functions in mobile terminal devices, based on SE, TEE and other security features. It uses Bluetooth, NFC, UWB and other technologies to connect cell phone and car to realize the functions of vehicle entry, starting, parking, windows, air conditioning control, etc.


T6 Architecture

Trustkernel car digital key is one of the core products of Trustkernel, which has been widely used in the new energy vehicle industry and has been certified for commercial use by many enterprises. Deploying the digital key management platform in the cloud by installing the digital key App in the cell phone. Users open the digital key function in the cell phone App or other smart devices, and the cloud sends the relevant certificates and key credentials to the cell phone App. After the cell phone or smart device is connected to the vehicle and relevant security authentication is performed to confirm the user's identity and authority, the user can use the smart device to control the car operation.

Trustkernel auto digital key has now realized three solutions, such as Bluetooth digital key, NFC digital key and UWB digital key, with rich and complete functions, verified by many manufacturers' systems, with the advantages of information security, wide compatibility, high precision positioning, Bluetooth preservation, etc. Full process solution, covering all aspects of production, key use, sharing, transfer and after-sales.

Application Scenarios


Key Sharing

Share vehicle access to friends or family and complete authorization remotely


Fleet Management

Uniform fleet configuration digital key strategy, rational allocation of vehicle resources


Car Rental

Safe and efficient whole process system of borrowing, using and returning the car


Safe charging

Digital key security policy controls charging scenarios to eliminate power theft

Key Features

Full Process Intelligent Service

Covering all aspects of production, key use, sharing, passing, and after-sales

Information Security

Multi-dimensional security protection for digital key system from secret key system, communication security, initialization security, security environment, business security and other multi-dimensions

Wide compatibility

Support all major brands of cell phone models.

Compatible with different standard specifications such as each ICCE, CCC, privatization, etc.

Bluetooth, NFC, UWB integrated unified solution.

Highly accurate positioning

Single Bluetooth, Multi Bluetooth, UWB high precision positioning algorithm.

Efficient cell phone positioning calibration strategy.

Adaptation for different phone models.

Bluetooth Warranty

Senseless control of the car Bluetooth warranty.

Android, IOS, small program preservation strategy and senseless experience.

Customer Examples

Trustkernel car digital key has been widely used in the new energy vehicle industry, and has been certified for commercial use by many companies