TrustKernel TEE Has been certified by TAF

With the booming development of mobile Internet and the widespread use of mobile payment and biometric security identification, users and industrial community put more emphasis on mobile security. TEE (Trusted Execution Environment) from ARM TrustZone, hardware-based security technology, has now been widely deployed to mobile terminal under the impetus of GlobalPlatform (GP).

As a bridge of GP in China, TAF has been actively organizing domestic Enterprises to make a study of TEE API and TEE security and evaluation. CTTL-terminals, TAF’s authorized laboratory, got GP’s authority to provide TEE Security Evaluation Service based on GP TEE architecture.

On February 1st, 2016, TrustKernel TEE TKCore passed TEE conformance testing at CTTL-terminals. All the test cases passed and the test result achieved TAF’s demand. This certification showed that TrustKernel TEE met the requirement of TEE Initial Configuration and TEE API stipulated by GP.

Before this testing, TKCore has already received the certification of security product from The Third Research Institute of Ministry of Public Security, The MPS Quality Supervision and Testing Center of Security Products for Computer Information System, The MPS Testing Center of Information Security Products, The MPS Information Classified Security Protection Evaluation Center and Shanghai Software Testing Center.

TrustKernel TEE

TrustKernel is now working in close collaboration with chip manufacturers, OEMs and ODMs, internet enterprises and biometric identification companies in the mobile terminal industrial chain to provide their applications with TEE.